About us

Lourens Boot

Co-founder, CEO & CIO

Passion for technological solutions for environmental issues. Oil man gone green
As a kid, Lourens was convinced he could fly with self-made wings

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Dr. Catarina Esteves

Co-founder & Chief schientist

The brains behind this awesome invention. Author of more than 44 scientific publications
Invented a coating so she doesn’t need to wash her car

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Kurt Hamming

Co-founder, CCO & CFO

Gets energy from building early stage companies in diverse industries. With academic background in philosophy and law, Kurt spends hours watching grandmasters play online speed chess

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Dr. Alberto Belmonte

R&D lead

Multi-talented ‘inventor’ with extensive experience in radical polymerization, thermo-responsive materials and characterization techniques. Nature inspired game developer and programmer in his free time

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Dr. Pieter van der Scheer

Hydrogel and polymer researcher

Physical Chemist with a gung-ho approach to polymer science.
Big fan of American Football but unlucky in betting pools. Go Broncos!

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Dr. Gui Sander Malab

Product development engineer

Gui is a Materials engineer with experience in additive manufacturing of metals and polymers, engineering design, materials degradation and chemistry. He is passionate about material properties and how to apply them in the real world.

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Harro Antheunis

Production implementation manager

Harro is a highly experienced innovation developer, RPK registered polymer scientist, devoted dad and co-inventor of five patented innovations.

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Dr. Jorrit de Jong

Product development & Scale up

Experienced material developer
Likes to see ideas and concepts implemented. Enjoys growing his own plants – and needs Sponsh when on holidays

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Our vision

A greener world with abundant and affordable water for all plants, animals and people.

Our mission

Regreening the planet with water from air, using smart, nature-inspired solutions.

Our big hairy audacious goal

Provide water from air to 1 billion young trees by 2040

Our values


Striving for 100% sustainability, profitability and business ethics


Continuous innovation, improvement and reflection to become and remain a world leader

Great Place-to-Work

Work smart, enjoy what we do and laugh enough along the way

Sponsh is also strongly convinced that sustainability should be part of the company DNA and should be reflected in every business aspect. For example:

  • All CO2 emissions from travel and office are already offset through Trees For All.
  • A Sponsh Foundation has been set up. Part of Sponsh’s future profits will go to this separate, non-profit organization to meet the growing challenge of water scarcity worldwide.
  • Sponsh employees promise transparency, fairness and respect for others
  • We believe in a healthy work-life balance and employee well-being. All our (future) employees are offered a share plan in the form of Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs).

Sponsh was founded in 2018 and consists of the Sponsh holding BV and the operating company Sponsh Water Systems BV, both incorporated under Dutch law. Sponsh is located at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), where it has access to the high tech TUe laboratories.