Mila Svechtarova

Chief Researcher

Mila obtained her Master’s degree in Chemistry at Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands in 2014. Following her passion for materials and especially textiles she travelled around Europe working on various R&D projects. Everything from hydrogel coatings for biosensors to weaving, knitting and 3D printing auxetic textile structures, to technical tire and roofing coated reinforcement textiles on ton scale. Mila is a self-described chemical textile engineering unicorn, with a hands- on experimental approach. One day Mila would like to be the-go-to-textile-expert in Europe and surroundings, with the knowhow to advise, explain or lead any development project that falls anywhere from the creation of a fibre, all the way to full application design.
Once upon a time, her mom drew a pretty princess for her and Mila became obsessed with learning how to draw as well. After filling many notebooks in the next few years, she decided she would one day join Disney as an animator. She now also enjoys Japanese anime and visually enticing video games.