We are a startup with a passion for nature and water. We are fond of Bionica or Blue Economy thinking, which means looking at nature to find solutions.

The idea for Sponsh started while traveling with a camper through Portugal in summer. The country was experiencing its worst drought in years. It had not rained for several months, the land was yellow and the water reservoirs at their lowest ever. Still, every morning our gear outside was soaking wet. Remembering one of the ideas in Blue Economy, we got into contact with Eindhoven University of Technology. They had recently done an amazing bionica invention in water absorption from the air. We decided to work together to scale-up this material and make it into a product available for everyone.

Our Vision

Solving water scarcity by providing affordable water for everyone. Revitalising communities affected by water shortage due to climate change. Making barren land fertile again

Our Mission

Learning from nature to develop smart solutions for supplying affordable water everywhere

Lourens Boot


Passion for technological solutions for environmental issues
Oil man gone green
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Dr Catarina Esteves

Inventor and Scientific Advisor

The brains behind this awesome invention
Author of more than 44 scientific publications
Invented a coating so she doesn’t need to wash her car
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Drs Joost Tjaden

Business Advisor

One of the first private equity experts in The Netherlands.
Serves on the supervisory board of several successful international companies
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Doris Kraljic

Research Intern

At the final step to gaining graduate degree for Sanitary Engineering / Environmental Health at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia
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Ela Zohrevandi

Research Intern

MSc student at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
Involved in testing the prototype
Proud owner of an imaginary cat called Madison
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Ieva Deņisova

Social media and marketing Intern

Just graduated from Vidzeme University of Applied sciences program Media Studies and Journalism, with big passion about media and marketing.
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