We made our first demonstrator!

By November 30, 2018News

We recently made a major breakthrough in development of our material!

In close collaboration with the Deutsche Institut fur Textile und Faseforschung (DITF.de) in Denkendorf, we managed to scale up the material from 1cm2 (lab proof-of-concept) to several 50 cm2 demonstrator. This size might still sound small, but within the chemistry and technical textiles realm, this is a huge step. We managed to successfully apply the coating several textiles. We achieved very high grafting ratios and the so-called ‘characterisation’ looks very good.

We are now going to test the water production of these demonstrators in humidity chambers. If that proves out, we’ll test them in real life conditions in South-Africa in January and February. In the mean time, we’ll continue scaling up the material and improving the water production.

We are super excited!

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