Regreening the planet
with water from air

Nature inspired innovation
to tackle water shortage

Although invisible to the human eye, the air around us holds large quantities of water in the form of vapour: more than ten times the amount of water of all the rivers combined. Nature has learned over millions of years how to collect this water to survive in dry, warm regions. Inspired by these animals and plants, Sponsh is developing a temperature sensitive material that produces water from air. Bringing water where there is no more.

State of the art material

Scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology (applied chemistry department), led by Sponsh co-founder Dr. Catarina Esteves, have developed a material whose properties change with temperature.

Water-from-air producing tree protector

Our Sponsh tree protector helps young trees survive the first harsh summers. Enabling forestation of dry regions that otherwise cannot be planted. Turning degraded lands back into fertile fields.

The team

We are a young, ambitious, high tech startup with a mission. Our team includes world renowned scientists, serial entrepreneurs, product developers and industry experts. All of us have a strong passion to make a real, big impact on the world through their work

Awards & recognitions

Sponsh has won several prestigious awards, including:

Winner Social Innovation Tournament Climate

Finalist Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Innovators

50-to-Watch CleanTech Startups

Winner Gouden Kiem award

Winner Blue Tulip Awards Nutrition

Winner Climate Launchpad competition

Winner EIT Food Innovation Challenge Portugal

Join us on our mission

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