One tree at a time

The first application we aim to make is a water producing tree protector (or stem guard), for application in reforestation and orchards. This self-watering tree protector absorbs water from air at night. During the day, the protector autonomously releases the water to irrigate the young tree. Ensuring it can survive the first harsh summers and grow into a self-sustained large tree.

Main features*

  • Zero energy: water uptake and release are driven by the natural temperature cycles of day and night. No mechanics and no electricity needed.
  • Off-grid: the water is taken from the air and released at the roots. No water pipes, irrigation networks or electricity lines are needed. Especially useful in remote projects, away from water reservoirs.
  • Biodegradable: the materials used in the tree protector are fully biodegradable. No need to remove them after use.

* Please note that we are currently in the development phase, improving the material, scaling it up, testing it in real life conditions and adjusting it. The information above is based on our best estimates but no rights can be derived.

Climatical conditions required

The tree protectors are expected to work best in Mediterranean climates. Think of Southern Europe, Northern, Eastern and Southern African coastal regions, US West Coast, Australian coast, Chilean coast etc. For the material to absorb and release water, the following conditions are required:

  1. Relative humidity at night higher than ~70% for a number of hours, so the material can absorb water molecules from the air.
  2. Sufficient sunlight during daytime to trigger water release.

We expect to launch to the market end of 2023.