Water From Air Without Energy

Water shortage:
The Next Global

Water is our first necessity in life. And that is the reason water shortage is such a serious global challenge. Affected are every continent around the world and not just those regions that are traditionally dry. It already affects around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. And by 2050, half of the world’s population is expected to be affected.

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Looking at nature to
retrieve water from air

Nature has learned over millions of years how to survive in dry, warm areas. The atmosphere contains large amounts of water vapour. In particular in coastal regions. Desert animals and plants absorb this water to survive. Inspired by these animals and plants, researchers have developed a smart material that absorbs water during the night and releases it during the day.

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Developing material
to provide affordable water
for everyone

Sponsh is scaling up the smart-material for real-life use. The material is like a textile that can be used in many ways: draped along vineyard rows, curled around trees, hung over vegetation or laid on the ground. Providing affordable water directly to the source. Without energy, infrastructure or maintenance.

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Join our project

Join our mission to tackle water shortage. Do you want to join us as a volunteer, join the team, test the prototypes or invest in the company? Click below to find out how you can help

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No infrastructure, water or
electricity lines are required. The material performs stand-alone.

No Energy Needed

Temperature differences drive
absorption and release of water. No electricity or other energy is needed


No large investment required. One square meter already provides daily water.