We’re an early phase start-up with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG):

By 2040, we want to have supplied 1 billion young trees with sufficient, decentralised water. 

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If you are interested in buying Sponsh products in the future, in running pilot projects on your lands, investing contributing to our awesome project, by connect with us via hello@sponsh.co.


Be part of a revolution: using technology to improve society and nature.

We thoroughly believe that technology can be used to improve both people and planet. And who better to learn from than from nature itself. Just like nature, our product is both ingenious and simple. And can have a major positive impact on the world. Both on society and on the environment. Not only do we make a product that has a positive impact. We also make the product in a sustainable way. We offset all our CO2, like travel and material production.

Our core values are:

  • Sustainability: Striving for 100% sustainability, profitability and business ethics
  • Innovation: Continuously innovate, improve and introspect to remain a world leader
  • Great Place to Work: Working smart, enjoying what we do, inspiring each other and having enough laughs along the way

Part of our future profits go to the Sponsh Foundation, to provide water solutions for those with the least resources and in areas with very low humidity levels.

Since the start of Sponsh, we have slowly expanded our amazing team. We are diverse in terms of character, gender, culture and experience. We have a high-tech product based on nano technology. It fits into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Help make the 4th industrial revolution benefit both people and planet. Join our mission to solve water scarcity by providing affordable #waterforeveryone: see our vacancies here [add hyperlink].